My name is Jason Jeter, I love self improvement and helping people change their lives, but I was fed up with the crappy, useless information being taught. So I created The Dream Big Team that will help you get unstuck and change your life in no time!

I started The Dream Big Team in July of 2013. I struggled for years trying to change my life and was stuck in the self improvement world for far too long and I don’t ever want to see anybody go through what I did. I was eventually able to change my life and in turn, I created this website with the goal of inspiring and to help change at least 1 million peoples lives over the course of my lifetime (and hopefully beyond that).

The Dream Big Team website is meant to be a one stop shop for anyone who wants to change anything about their life or just get some great information. In reality, it’s not that difficult to change your life, you just have been told that it is because those same people just want you to buy more, more, and more from them. BUT if you find the right person pointing you in the right direction, that’s when you see true change. And that’s my goal. I want to be that person so I can help you in any way possible.

Now, don’t worry it doesn’t cost anything to be a part of the team and there’s no catch. I just want all of us like minded people to live up to all of our potentials in life. And I think the best way to do that is by being part of a team. There’s nothing better then having a support  system of like minded people like yourself.

So anybody in the world can be a part of The Dream Big Team, as long as you want to change your life or the lives of others. It’s as simple as that.

The motto of The Dream Big Team is “Dream Big, Live Large, Inspire Others.” If you just do those 3 things each and every day, you will no doubt live a very fulfilling life. And doing those 3 things is very simple.

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-Jason Jeter, The Dream Big Team